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Heal 3x3, our amazing fundraising idea

Heal 3x3

We’re crowdfunding to buy land and rewild it.


We’ve created an affordable way for everyone, together, to rewild and it’s called Heal 3x3.


For just £20, you can sponsor a 3 x 3 metre square of land for us to bring back to life through rewilding. 


Your donation will take us one step closer to building our land fund and buying our foundation site in the south of England.


As a treat for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, this is a rare chance to have a personal connection with a piece of rewilding land, and to know that you are directly helping nature recovery and taking action on climate change.


Your sponsorship will last for a year and will continue for as long as you’re happy to pay the small annual upkeep amount of £3. This helps us continue to look after the site each year - ensuring that grazing animals have veterinary care when needed, for example.


Heal 3x3 uses the what3words global addressing system, which is based on 3 x 3 metre squares (read more about what3words). When our foundation site has been acquired, we’ll have a what3words address for every 3 x 3 metre square of rewilding land.


We'll tell you the address of the square you've sponsored and, using the what3words app or website, you’ll be able to see exactly where it is on the map.


And one day, we hope you will visit the Heal rewilding site you've helped to create. 

* The important small print: read our Heal 3x3 terms and conditions here

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