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heal the land | heal nature | heal ourselves

Is your business on a sustainability journey?

Heal can help

Heal is helping businesses tackle their climate and nature-positive goals 

If your business is taking action to help address the climate and ecological emergency, or considering the options for doing so, please talk to Heal.

Through the purchase of ecologically depleted land, Heal will let nature do its work to restore natural processes and fully functioning ecosystems. This will not only provide increased biodiversity but a carbon sink, helping to offset carbon emissions and help deliver aims of Government and businesses to achieve their commitments to climate and nature recovery.

 Benefits of working with Heal 

A partnership with us will, involving your organisation and its people actively in nature recovery and arresting climate change, would have multiple business advantages. ​​

Image by Martin Adams

Contribution to carbon footprint reduction

Image by Micheile Henderson

Clear reputational gain

Image by Xuan Nguyen

Nature and climate volunteering opportunities for employees

Image by Olena Sergienko

Demonstration of corporate responsibility


Positive message to give to current and potential employees

Forest Fire

Explicit commitment to further action on the climate emergency

Employee Square Schemes

Give your employees a real connection to a wild place and a way to help nature and the climate while at work

Sponsor an acre

Support our work by sponsoring an acre in the private area of our Heal Somerset site for £10,000, securing that land for nature in perpetuity.

Corporate partnerships are available at every phase of Heal's journey

Phase 1

Acquire Heal's foundation site - Heal Somerset is now open

Phase 2

Rewild the land, renovate buildings and open all visitor facilities

Phase 3

Acquire and rewild a second Heal site in a northern English county

Phase 4

Acquire multiple Heal sites until there is one in every English county

 Additional benefits from phase 2 onwards 

From phase 2 onwards, we will open our first rewilding location with learning spaces and accommodation. The additional benefits your company could enjoy include:

Yoga Group

Facilities for company away days, strategy retreats, courses and workshops

Image by Dawid Zawiła

A place for staff to come and spend time in nature to boost their health and wellbeing

Image by Tom Wheatley

Practical volunteering activities within the UK


How does rewilding fight climate change?



The land heals and becomes better able to adapt to challenging conditions



Trees and plants capture carbon from the atmosphere through photosynthesis



Rewilding protects underground stores of soil carbon from being released into the air



Rewilding prevents the emission of greenhouse gases from substances such as fertilisers 

We would love to explore the possibilities to work with your business now or in the future.

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