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Work with us to heal nature and the climate

If your business is taking action to help address the climate and ecological emergency, or considering the options for doing so, please talk to Heal.

Through the purchase of ecologically depleted land, Heal will let nature do its work to restore natural processes and fully functioning ecosystems. This will not only provide increased biodiversity but a carbon sink, helping to offset carbon emissions and help deliver aims of Government and businesses to achieve their commitments to climate recovery. Our page on climate change has more detail on this.

A partnership with us, involving your organisation and its people actively in nature recovery and arresting climate change, would have multiple business advantages.


In phase 1, our fundraising stage, these would be:​​

  • Demonstration of corporate responsibility

  • Positive message to give to current and potential employees

  • Explicit commitment to further action on the climate emergency

  • Contribution to carbon footprint reduction

  • Opportunity for employee engagement in desk-based volunteering for nature recovery and addressing climate change

  • Clear reputational gain

In phase 2, we will open our first rewilding location with learning spaces and accommodation. The above would continue to apply and you will also benefit from: 

  • Facilities for company away days, strategy retreats, courses and workshops

  • A place for management and staff to come to support their mental health and well-being through time spent in nature

  • Practical volunteering activities within the UK

We are in the process of developing our corporate partnership offering, but please get in touch as soon as possible as we would welcome early discussions to explore possibilities.

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