Donate to Heal in three different ways 

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Heal 3x3

'Your own' square*... give enough for us to buy a 3m x 3m square to rewild



Robin - copyright Chris Towler


Set up a recurring amount to support nature recovery



Brimstone female - copyright Chris Towler


Rewilding means hope for nature - give Heal a one-off amount 


£ any

* Heal 3x3: You won't own the square or the what3words address - you're sponsoring it. Read more here. To retain 'your' square or squares and the associated three-word address(es), you will need to pay a small annual 'upkeep' amount of £3 per square, a year after the allocation of the what3words address described on this pageRecurring and one-off donations aren't part of Heal 3x3.