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 Heal Highs 

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Past editions

Past editions

Missed an edition of our lovely monthly news update? Here are all the past editions.

 2024 editions 


July 2024

A big donation, our new Heal Future Advisory Panel and a new piece of kit


June 2024

More beaver news, a march for nature and Into The Light 2025

Heal Somerset - beaver_edited.jpg

May 2024

We have BEAVERS!


April 2024

Otterly wonderful news, rewilding technology and a chance to double your money


March 2024

World Rewilding Day, a special May gathering and the Big Give Green Match Fund


February 2024

Launching camping bookings for 2024, exciting events and 27 skylarks


January 2024

A thrilling new event, shortie sightings and the return of the Big Green Hike

 2023 editions 

Great white egre.jpg

December 2023

An exciting announcement, a sneak peak at our 2024 events and a rather tall Heal Somerset visitor

Square wildlife photos.png

November 2023

Some surprise visitors, a major grant secured and a fast approaching festive season


October 2023

A change of plans, a Resurgence roundup and an update on Heal North

Animation page header_edited.jpg

September 2023

Our award-winning animation, two new supporters and more wildlife discoveries

HH Aug 2023.jpg

August 2023

A new team member, an exciting event and a very special find

heal highs reminder april 23.jpg

July 2023

Announcing our opening date, close encounters at the campsite and more tour dates

Untitled design.jpg

June 2023

Moth trapping, camping and our first ever volunteer events

House martin.jpg

May 2023

House martins, site tours and an exciting fundraising campaign

Chris Jones v2_edited.jpg

April 2023

Furry visitors, special guests and a new team member!

March - drone photo snow_edited.jpg

March 2023

Snow, a new team member and a cheery list of wildlife sightings


February 2023

Heal Somerset - the latest news!

Still for main homepage Heal Somerset announcement.png

Special edition - January 2023

The wait is over... we did it!

BGH 2023 Save The Date still 11.png

January 2023

A live event in Exeter, the Big Green Hike and more

 2022 editions 

We did it 1x1 PNG.png

December 2022

We're hiring our first Head of Fundraising and we met our campaign target

Movement for good logo.png

November 2022

Brilliant news of a new £12,000 grant, festive updates and a call for volunteers


October 2022

Anna's 'Run For Rewilding' and reflections on our youth rewilding summit


September 2022

Lucy & Joe's brilliant wedding idea, a sell-out event and a new podcast feature


August 2022

The Heal festival hangout, collaboration with Rewilding Britain and autumn events

Wild Steps.jpg

July 2022

Summer rewilding events, new projects and new partners

NEIRF announce.png

June 2022

Our biggest ever grant, our first book chapter and much, much more

The Big Green Hike square.png

May 2022

We founded a new nationwide fundraiser, exceeded targets and more!


April 2022

Heal's second birthday and a grant from Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

presca tee.png

March 2022

World Rewilding Day, Birdfair, The Big Green Hike and more

Ted visit January 2022.jpeg

February 2022

A rare outing, new event and a special mention by Savills 

Ted Green - Heal patron.jpg

January 2022

Two fundraising wins, a new team member and more

 2021 editions 

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-26 at 10.19.07.jpeg

November 2021

Look... gifts that aren't stuff, Heal IRL and COP26

Heal 3x3 hare_edited.jpg

December 2021

Four short and cheerful stories to end the year

COP thumbnail.jpeg

October 2021

Heal HQ moves to Glasgow for COP26!


September 2021

Live events, Ironman support and we're hiring again!


August 2021

On the hunt for our foundation site

DLG thumbnail.png

July 2021

Very big news from Heal. And we mean BIG

Thumbnail for archive.jpg

June 2021

A pot-pourri of news from Heal in glorious June

Caitlin Moran.jpg

May 2021

Look who's becoming a part of the Heal family!


April 2021

Happy first birthday to us!

World (1).png

March 2021

What do you think of our new idea?

Lynx (c) Canva.png

February 2021

Heal is trending... find out where

To do good 1.jpg

January 2021

Six ways to do more for nature in 2021

 2020 editions 

Social film still.jpg

December 2020

A feast of news for festive times

Heal film stars 998 x 444.jpg

November 2020

A social media film shoot and a special workshop on mindfulness

3x3 illustration.png

October 2020

A magical illustration, festival season specials and more

Climate change - no attribution required.jpg

September 2020

Rewilding = climate change action

Cloud heart 2.jpg

August 2020

Donations are 'meteoric'!


July 2020

First ever Heal Future Advisory Panel meeting

flower and ladybird - realworkhard.png

June 2020

A month of firsts: Heal Future Panel appointed and first Black Birders Week

Bella and Holly montage.jpg

May 2020

The first edition of Heal Highs, an optimistic and hopeful read arriving in your inbox every month

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