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​By becoming a Friend of Heal, you will be joining us as we take urgent action on nature recovery and climate change.

Every Friends of Heal package includes sponsorship of one or more Heal 3x3 land squares. With each new Friend welcomed into the Heal family, we build our land fund and get one step closer to acquiring our foundation site.

We will also use this income to help Heal grow and thrive as a charity, by covering staff and everyday running costs such as software, tech support and insurance.

Choose a Friends of Heal package

Water vole - Francis J Taylor Photograph


£48 a year / £4.50 a month

Juvenile starlings - Jamie Neaves.jpg


£110 a year /  £10.50 per month

Peregrine juvenile - Dave Soons.jpg

14-30 year olds

£24 a year / £2 per month

Red deer and jackdaw 1 - Joe Burn.jpg

Lifetime Founder

Single payment of £1,500

Starlings - Anne Burgess - CC BY-SA 2.0.

Community group

Variable packages available

Common frogs - Danny Green.jpg


£90 a year / £8.50 a month

Long-tailed tits - John Walters.jpg

Extended family

£150 a year /  £14 per month

Robin feeding chick 2.jpg

Children aged 0-13

£8 a year (site access restrictions apply)

Heal Helper image.jpg

Heal Helper

Package for active volunteers

2048px-The_City_London - kloniwotski CC

Corporate packages

Tailored to your organisation

Water vole © Francis J Taylor Photography

Juvenile starlings © Jamie Neaves

Juvenile peregrine © Dave Soons

Red deer and jackdaw © Joe Burn

Starling flock © Anne Burgess | CC BY-SA 2.0

Common frogs © Danny Green

Long-tailed tits © John Walters

Robin feeding chick © Andrew Fusek Peters

Heal Helpers © themselves

London skyline © Kloniwotski CC BY-SA 2.0