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Terms and Conditions

Heal 3x3

If you're reading this, you've probably become, or are about to become, a Heal 3x3 sponsor.

Before you read on, we just want to say thank you! 

Heal 3x3 Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between us (Heal Rewilding or Heal, CIO number 1187992) and you (the donor or person allocated the square) under the Heal 3x3 scheme to support a 3m x 3m square of land for rewilding based on the what3words global addressing system. 

1. An individual donation of £20 will enable Heal to buy 3m x 3m of land. Donations are non-refundable. If the donation is eligible for Gift Aid, the Gift Aid will be also added to our land fund.

2. Any individual is eligible to sponsor a square or squares through the Heal 3x3 page. 

3. You cannot choose the what3words address or location of a square or squares - these are allocated at random.

4. The land allocated within the Heal 3x3 scheme will be in the publicly accessible part of a Heal site. 

5. The scheme is only open to private individuals; COMPANIES, ORGANISATIONS AND OTHER FOR-PROFIT BODIES ARE NOT ELIGIBLE. However, Heal does give companies and organisations the opportunity to support us through sponsorship of land in the non-public part of the site (rewilding land to which access is restricted to give wildlife space away from frequent human visitors).

6. You will never, at any stage, own the land or the what3words address, or have any rights over the land or responsibilities for it. 

7. A donation to Heal 3x3 does not confer any of the following rights at any time:

- A right to walk on the land

- A right to build on the land

- A right to camp or stay in any other structure with/without wheels on the land

- A right to sleep on the land, in the open air

- A right to dictate how the land is managed

- A right to anything growing on the land/swimming in it, if water

- A right to farm it/grow anything on it/plant it/bury anything in it/install anything in it

- A right to have your original donation back, even if you relinquish the land through non-payment of the annual upkeep amount.

8. A donation to Heal 3x3 does not confer any responsibility/responsibilities other than to ensure the small annual upkeep is paid after you have been notified of this, either through an annual subscription or as a multiple year donation. 

9. Any square/three-word address can be re-assigned at any time. You may transfer the sponsor name to someone else. However this transfer is undertaken between the parties,  no rights or responsibilities apply as per the original donation terms. Please notify us of transfer details using this form

10. The random nature of the allocation means that a square or squares could be in the part of the land which is not accessible to the public. Even if a square is in an accessible area on dry land, you will not be able physically to walk to it  (unless it is right alongside a path) or on it, as we have to protect habitats, though you may be able to view the patch from the nearest path. You will always know exactly where 'your' Heal 3x3 square is by searching for its three words, including the dots, in the free what3words app or at We will also introduce a scheme, for an additional donation, to send up a drone to photograph squares and send them to donors; the details and the costs for this have not been finalised and we cannot guarantee this option at this stage.

11. The square or squares could be dry land, wetland or water, and could be open field, bushes, hedge, scrub, woodland, stream, river or pond or a mixture of these.  It won't be possible to swap the type of land that you are allocated. The nature of the land is expected to evolve over time. The planned creation of ponds on previously dry land may happen and this will not require Heal to switch a square. We will not include roads, paths, buildings, car parks, accommodation areas or any non-natural areas in the allocation. 

12. There will be annual costs for looking after the land and we will link this to the Heal 3x3 scheme. Providing you continue to pay a small annual 'upkeep' amount of £3 per square per year following the what3words address allocation process, your name will continue to be associated with that square or squares and the associated three-word address(es). If you become a Friend of Heal,  the upkeep amount will be covered. Otherwise, we will request this payment in 5-year, 10-year or 20-year chunks to save our admin costs (still to be finalised). If you have opted to pay your Heal 3x3 sponsorship on a monthly basis rather than annually, you will need to complete all 12 payments in order to remain as the sponsor of your square.

13. Heal maintains a 'register of Heal 3x3 donations' which includes details of the donor's name, address, email address and the associated what3words address(es)(no charge is made for register entries) Donors are responsible for telling Heal about any change of email address. In the future, the list may be capable of being searchable on the Heal website (though the list will not be displayed). 

14. When the what3words allocation is completed, we will notify you using the email address you have provided during the donation process. It is your responsibility to inform us if you change your email address. We will also put a message on the home page of the Heal website as we begin the allocation process. If you do not inform us of a change of email address and we are not able to contact you regarding the what3words allocation after making reasonable endeavours, after a 12-week period we will return the allocated square for re-assigning. 

15. We can't be held responsible for any incorrect descriptions of the Heal 3x3 scheme by any third parties or on any third party or agent websites.

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