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 About Heal 

Our purpose

Heal is raising money to buy land in the English lowlands and rewild it.

We're giving land back to nature, forever.


 What does Heal 

 mean by 'rewilding'? 

We mean giving nature the breathing space it needs to heal.

We mean natural regeneration of trees, plants and wildflowers.

We mean creating space where animals can live freely and vulnerable species can recover.


A new national rewilding charity

Heal is committed to becoming the UK's first national rewilding landowner

We are creating new, species-rich havens to heal the land, heal nature and heal ourselves


Heal launched on 30 March 2020 to raise money, buy land in England and rewild it

Phase 1

Raise £7 million to acquire Heal's foundation site, Heal South, in the south of England

Phase 2

Rewild Heal's foundation site, renovate buildings and open all visitor facilities

Phase 3

Acquire and rewild a second Heal site in a northern English county

Phase 4

Acquire and rewild multiple Heal sites until there is one in every English county


 What kind of land is Heal looking for? 



Land that, initially, hosts a poor diversity and abundance of wild animals and plants



Land 500+ acres in size to provide space for roaming cattle, pigs, ponies and deer



Land with buildings that can be converted to create spaces for public engagement



Land that is within one hour's travel from nearby large urban areas by public transport


How will Heal fund rewilding?

Heal will mobilise funding from multiple sources to buy land for rewilding. 


Our sites will be self-supporting, generating revenue from eco-tourism , educational courses, events and more. We will create new jobs and bring economic benefit to local communities.


Heal 3x3

Our unique land sponsorship platform raising money for rewilding with what3words

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Heal is helping businesses to deliver their climate commitments

Image by Tiard Schulz


We'll raise money from eco-tourism, educational courses, events and more

Image by James Newcombe


The new Environmental Land Management (ELM) scheme is coming soon


 Why rewild the lowlands?

Currently, lots of rewilding is happening in the uplands where very few people live

By 2050, 70% of us will be living in urban areas

By rewilding the lowlands, we are making rewilding more inclusive and accessible to people living in towns and cities


Who is behind Heal?

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Founding team

The staff and trustees that founded Heal in March 2020



Donating valuable skills, knowledge and guidance 

Heal Future

Making sure Heal works for people of all ages and backgrounds

Image by Eduardo Goody

Heal Helpers

The 180+ generous volunteers at the heart of Heal

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 Read our blog 

Read from a selection of articles written by us at Heal and special guest writers


 Can you help build our land fund? 


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Root yourself into a patch of Heal land from just £20


Donate regularly

Become a long-term supporter of rewilding


Donate once

Every pound gets us closer to our first rewilding site