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We are Heal

Our mission?

Raise money.

Buy land in England.

Rewild it.

Together, we can give more

land back to nature

Heal is crowdfunding to buy land for rewilding in the English lowlands

You can sponsor a 3 x 3 metre square of land for us to rewild, for yourself or as a gift


Restoring habitats and providing refuge for vulnerable species


Capturing excess carbon from the air and locking it in healthy soil, plants and trees


Creating calming, accessible natural spaces for everyone in society 

Together, we can take action on the climate and biodiversity emergency

Heal is a new movement making rewilding accessible to everyone.

Anyone can get involved by donating money, time or skills.

Together, we can build a brighter future

We are working with young people to heal nature and the climate for future generations.

In March 2020 we launched Heal Future, the UK's first network for young rewilders.

We also appointed a team of bright young people to the Heal Future Advisory Panel.

Together, we can work sustainably

Heal is helping businesses to achieve their climate goals

A new way to get involved in rewilding

Heal is on track to acquire its foundation rewilding site in the South of England by 2022.

Wildlife will thrive, the land will recover and you can come and find peace in the wild place you have helped to create.

Everyone, together. 

Not for profit but for wild things and all of us.

Heal Highs

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