Directed by Robbie Sloan | Starring Safiya Kamaria Kinshasa

Deserves To Bloom

All donations from Robbie's crowdfunder will go to Heal Rewilding. Please watch and give today.

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I’m thrilled to be supporting Deserves To Bloom. It has never been as important to care about our planet and for us all to do what we can to protect our natural world and to fight climate change. The team at Heal are at the forefront of this battle. I am excited for the future of Heal.

Olivia Colman,

Oscar-winning Actress

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A couple of years ago I came to the realisation that my children would soon grow up and ask me what I did for the environment. Inspired by David Attenborough's declaration - "we must rewild the world" - I set about conceiving the film Deserves To Bloom to raise money for rewilding.

Robbie Sloan,


The Deserves To Bloom film is a powerful appeal for us all to respect the planet and its wildlife. I believe that rewilding can help us combat climate change and address the devastating loss of biodiversity that we’ve been experiencing here in Britain for the last few decades. Supporting Heal will help that happen.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall,

Writer & Broadcaster

Robbie’s film is beautiful, powerful and a vision for the future that can become our reality, if we want it to. Safiya’s moving, poignant words show us there is more to be hopeful for than we think. Heal is on it and has serious ambitions on rewilding the UK and making a real difference. They just need our help to fly and grow.

Cel Spellman,

Actor & Presenter

Robbie Sloan is a creative genius. I adore his short film Deserves to Bloom. Britain is one of the most nature depleted places on the planet. It’s time to turn this around and begin the work of restoring the natural fabric of our island. Rewilding is going to be an important part of this work. That’s why I’m supporting Heal.

Ben Goldsmith,

Financier & Environmentalist

Mother Nature has a message for humanity

The words in this film - written by performance poet Safiya Kamaria Kinshasa - are powerful, stark and unforgettable.

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 We are Heal 

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Our mission?

Raise money.

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Rewild it.

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 more land back to nature 

You can sponsor a 3 x 3 metre square of land for us to rewild, for yourself or as a gift

Heal is crowdfunding to buy land for rewilding in the English lowlands


 Rewilding: led by nature 

By restoring degraded habitats, we will provide refuge for vulnerable species

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 Our first year 

From fundraising to volunteering, and social media to film making, we've achieved a lot in our first year!

 Together, we can build a brighter future 

We are working with young people to heal nature and the climate for future generations.

In March 2020 we launched Heal Future, the UK's first network for young rewilders. We also appointed a team of bright young people to the Heal Future Advisory Panel.


 A new way to get involved in rewilding 

Wildlife will thrive, the land will recover and you can come and find peace in the wild place you have helped to create

 Together, we can work   sustainably 

Heal is helping businesses to achieve their climate goals

Join in the fun!

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