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Image by Hans Veth

Heal Future Advisory Panel

The Heal Future Advisory Panel is a group of ten young people from the Heal Future Network, appointed to represent the views of young people within Heal. The Advisory Panel will ensure that Heal's work on nature’s recovery, climate change and wellbeing resonates with, and benefits, younger generations now and in years to come.


Our Future Advisors scrutinise Heal plans and policies as they are developed, create and refine marketing and promotional materials, contribute to awareness campaigns, and suggest new ideas on how Heal can help people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with nature.


Eva | 18

Hello, my name is Eva and I'm currently a student in school. I have always enjoyed animals and nature, and, reflecting on that there are so many things that I admire about Heal. Some of the rewilding activities I most look forward to are helping our ecosystems to recover, in turn helping to create habitats for species of plants, animals etc. to thrive and inspiring people to enjoy nature. I love so many different species, but picking one I would choose the red fox because of its intelligent character.


Magnus | 20

Hi, I’m Magnus and I’m a third-year ecology student. I’m excited to see Heal help keystone and vulnerable species return and see what a truly wild English ecosystem looks like. My favourite species is the polypody fern. It normally grows on branches of trees in temperate rainforests and seeing it in cracks of buildings and walls is always a nice glimpse of nature.


Fergus | 22

Hi! I’m Fergus, and I am studying politics at University. I can’t wait to help Heal bring exciting ecosystems, wild experiences and hope around the country. My favourite native UK species is the Beaver, aside from how cute it is, I’m excited by everything it can offer other species and us.


Mir | 24

Hi! My name is Mir and I'm currently doing my Master's degree in Classics. I am so pleased to be a part of Heal; I'm particularly excited about helping with their efforts to recover local ecosystems. I am a big fan of an eclectic mix of animals - including the fin whale - but my favourite would have to be the pipistrelle bat.


Steph | 26

Hello! I’m Steph and I currently work in the pharmaceutical industry. I’ve always preferred spending time outdoors and thanks to reading ‘Wilding’ by Isabella Tree, I am so excited to support Heal restore native ecosystems, which will in turn remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and simultaneously improve biodiversity. In terms of my favourite species, ever since I heard them described as ‘flying lollipops’, I always enjoy seeing long-tailed tits on the bird feeder!


Ciara | 27

I'm Ciara and I currently work as a management consultant. I am looking forward to working out how we can ethically restore ecosystems. Pigs are without a doubt my favourite species - Gloucestershire Old Spots are pretty cute.


Nathan | 26

Hey, my name is Nathan and I've just finished an MSc in Species Identification. The natural world has been a constant source of inspiration for me and aiding Heal restore and rewild the processes of our landscape is something that I feel will benefit all! My favourite species has got to be the swift as they fly between the UK and Africa every year only ever touching solid ground to nest!

Alex Catling.jpg

Alex | 29

Hi! I'm Alex and I work on digital comms for a large economic research institute. My interest in rewilding stems from a small piece of set aside farmland near my house which has become a vital sanctuary for wildlife. My hope for Heal is that we can provide a space for wildlife to thrive and recover, whilst balancing that with the remarkable opportunity this represents to give people a space to imagine a wilder world. I'm a big fan of trees, and am very interested in the diverse community of life they support. My favourite, and a bit of a classic, is the English oak.


Callum | 29

Hi! I’m Callum and I’m the Programmes Manager at the international development charity Excellent Development. I’m really excited about Heal’s ambitions to create new habitats, and to connect with people to spread the word about all the benefits of rewilding. My favourite species would be the jay because of its habit of burying acorns, allowing oak trees to grow.

Chantelle Lindsay.jpg

Chantelle | 29

Hi, I’m Chantelle Lindsay! I’m 26 years old and I work for the London Wildlife Trust as the Project Officer for the Great North Wood Project. I’ve been in awe of the natural world ever since I can remember and feel a strong sense of responsibility for taking care of it, which is why I’m excited to see how nature responds in Heal’s wild havens. One of my favourite UK plant species is the bee orchid (Ophrys apifera), mostly for its clever bee mimicry.

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