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 Our first year 

Our first year was a whirlwind and, by any measure, we made better progress than we could have hoped. That’s good news because it’s an emergency – biodiversity and climate intertwined – and this is about taking action, now.

 Our first year at a glance


Nearly two thousand donations and visitors from over 70 countries


People joined our online volunteer community


Nearly 200 young people joined the Heal Future network


12 businesses supported us in cash and kind


We landed our first grant, from the John Spedan Lewis Foundation


We made our first film


We launched our Employee Squares Scheme


We featured in a global trends report and celebrated World Rewilding Day


Grew a social media following of almost 8000


We launched our supporters' scheme Friends of Heal


We launched our first crowdfunder, The Heal Appeal


Launched Heal Talks, delivering 15 webinars and workshops


Our foundation site

Our goal of creating a Heal site in every English county – 10,000 hectares in total – starts with funding our foundation site in the south of England.

When we launched, we said that acquiring our first site by 2022 was our plan. In making that plan, no-one could tell us how fast a new charity – launching in the midst of a pandemic – could raise the £7 million needed for land and buildings. 

In our first year, we made excellent headway with our funding strategy, which began from early discussions with individuals with experience from the finance sector, well accustomed to entrepreneurial endeavour and making things happen.


We set up the Heal Finance Working Group last year with three professionals from finance and banking, giving their time pro bono.

We're feeling optimistic and can't wait to share more news with you soon.

We publish all major updates via our monthly newsletter, Heal Highs. To make sure you're in the loop as we progress towards acquiring our first site, subscribe using the button below.

 To mark the end of our first year... 

 Thank you 

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us in our first year. Your donations of time, money and expertise, and your help spreading the word about Heal and rewilding, means the world to us.

We'll keep fighting for nature in 2021. This is an emergency, and together we can turn things around.






Winston Churchill

 In case you missed it... 

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Heal's first birthday

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