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Help Heal from home and at events

Thank you so much for offering to help Heal!

If you'd like to help Heal from the comfort of your home, or at our live events, please fill out the form below.

We would like to know a little bit about your skills and interests so that we can match you up with the tasks that suit you best.

You will be notified as and when tasks become available. While we strive to offer a variety of opportunities and do our best to make sure volunteers are given opportunities suited to their skills and interests, we unfortunately cannot guarantee the amount or frequency of available tasks.
Please note that all practical tasks are coordinated separately - sign up here to receive updates about volunteering at Heal Somerset.

Please fill out the form below to get started, and welcome to the family!

First, a little about you

This is so we can identify local people when tasks in specific locations come up e.g. Heal Live events. This isn’t for marketing purposes – we will never send you anything in the post

What sort of things would you like to help with?

All of our tasks are open to all volunteers. You can try things you've not tried before, or you can stick to what you know and like. Plus, it's flexible - there's no time commitment.

I would like to help with: (tick all that apply)

There's something for everyone

We offer a wide variety of tasks and activities so that everyone volunteering for us feels included and supported.

Can you tell us about your skills and experience?

We'd like to know this because, sometimes, it really helps us to know if someone on the team has the specific skills and experience we need for a task.

I have knowledge of/skills in...

I have experience in...

I have skills and/or expertise in...

I have creative/comms skills in...

Volunteer agreement

Please note that it is very important to us that all volunteers have read our Volunteer Agreement carefully and agree to act in accordance with it. Please do not tick this box without reading the agreement.

The GDPR stuff

Almost done...

Thank you - that's sent.  Check your inbox to ensure you received your confirmation email.

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