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Defra, Environment Agency & Natural England award


to Heal Rewilding

Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund

June 2022

Heal has won its biggest grant to date, to help attract finance for its plans to create 48 new places for nature across England.


We have been given the maximum possible award of £100,000 in the second and final round of the UK government’s Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund (NEIRF) which boosts investment in nature.

NEIRF was set up by the government to accelerate the mobilisation of private capital into nature recovery and climate change action, as part of its strategy for England to achieve the goals in the 25 Year Environment Plan. It helps organisations like Heal to attract private investment and demonstrate a return on that investment by capturing the value of carbon, water quality, biodiversity and other benefits provided by natural assets such as woodlands, peatlands and wetlands.

We have already received £3 million in such investment from Direct Line Group so already have a track record, but this award is a significant recognition of our work by government.

Heal has won the funding to create a new blueprint for investment in rewilding sites, including the development of the business case, an investment prospectus and to secure buyers for natural capital, partnering with Finance Earth and three specialist companies who measure and monitor natural capital on behalf of landowners. One of the reasons we were given the award is that we can use the blueprint developed during this one-year project to help establish further Heal sites and also share the learnings with any non-profit organisation involved in rewilding who would benefit.

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