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 Heal Future 

Our network for young rewilders

(aged 30 and under)

The Heal Future network is a space for young rewilders to communicate with us at Heal, to network with each other and share thoughts and ideas about how we can grow as an organisation.  The network is led by our young supporters so that as it develops it takes on a format that works for them.

Join the network

If you’re 30 or under and would like to register with the Heal Future network, please fill in your details below.  Everyone is welcome - we’d be thrilled to have you on board!

That's sent. Thank you

 A brighter future 

We know the best chance we have of healing the land for future generations is to work in equal partnership with those who are going to live through that future.


We are committed to working with young people to make sure that our projects are relevant for them now and for many years to come.

We rely on this help from young people - it is essential if we are to create accessible wild spaces where people from all walks of life can come to learn, enjoy nature and relax.

 Nature for everyone 

Our youth advisory panel members are passionate about equality. Their input is helping to grow Heal into an inclusive charity that welcomes, and benefits, people from all backgrounds.


As part of our work to form our diversity strategy, the youth advisory panel submitted a provocation for the newly formed Unlocking Landscapes network. You're welcome to download it (click below).

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