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 Heal HQ 

Acting CEO 

 & Chair of Trustees

Jan Stannard

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Jan knows the exact moment she became a wildlife campaigner, one morning in June 2014 when she intervened to stop dozens of swifts being killed during the demolition of their nesting site. She can trace a love of them back to childhood, along with countless other species, particularly frogs, newts, skylarks and woodlice. A tawny owl made out of an old sock was one of her finest achievements as a Brownie.

Her first degree was in Geography and she joined a corporate communications firm straight out of university and has spent most of her business career in technology marketing communications. In 2012 she graduated with a first in Psychology and trained as a specialist in resilience. She still serves on the boards of two businesses she helped to found.

Her work with wildlife has been local and very practical. She founded a swift group which has the world record for the most swift boxes installed in under a year; she was a co-founder of Wild Maidenhead and leads the group's Wild About Gardens scheme; and she project managed the largest installation of amphibian rescue ladders in England. Nature is what makes her heart sing, she says. 

Hannah Needham

Operations Director

Hannah is a first-class University of Birmingham (BSc) and first-class Imperial College (MRes) biosciences graduate with over three years’ experience in nature restoration, a years’ experience in the private sector (PR/comms) and two years’ experience in postgraduate scientific research.


In her previous role at the Wildlife Trusts, Hannah was responsible for nature reserves management, including livestock welfare and vegetation control. She developed a range of practical skills and obtained relevant professional qualifications i.e. chainsaw licence. During this time, Hannah was also involved in strategic local nature recovery work through the trust’s planning and policy teams, and represented the trust at public events as a youth ambassador.

In her role at Natural England – the Government's statutory advisor for the natural environment – as a warden on designated sites, Hannah developed in-depth knowledge of wildlife legislation and worked with local landowners and the public to safeguard protected species.


Before joining Heal, Hannah worked in river catchment management to deliver a range of practical river improvement projects and coordinated landowners to deliver catchment-scale partnership environmental monitoring and habitat management projects. In 2019, Hannah also established a vibrant local wildlife volunteer group, Wild About Datchet, to help her local community connect with nature.


Hannah's interest in rewilding stemmed from her passion for animal welfare - she felt that the most effective way she could help animals was to create more places where wildlife could live safely. She believes that rewilding is the most sustainable way to heal our ecosystems and mitigate climate change. She cares deeply about equality, diversity and inclusion and is committed to making Heal's rewilding spaces accessible and welcoming to everyone.

Alice Hopkins

Admin Assistant

Alice is very excited to be part of Heal’s mission, having always had a keen interest in environmental issues and especially in helping her own family minimise their impact on the environment as much as possible. 


After spending a large proportion of her working life in corporate business environments, Alice loves being able to utilise her skills to support benevolent projects, from which she draws great personal satisfaction and pride. She spent the last few years in roles at charitable organisations, where she enjoyed the rewards of supporting work which benefits the wider community. 


She can’t wait to see Heal’s plans come together and is passionate about learning more about fighting climate change.