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Good books

A starter list of the books that have inspired us, informed us, impressed us, shocked us, taught us, guided us, transported us... 

Wilding: Isabella Tree

The Book of Wilding: Isabella Tree

Feral: George Monbiot

Rebirding: Ben Macdonald

Cornerstones: Ben Macdonald

Rewilding: eds Nathalie Pettorelli et al

Rewilding - The Radical New Science of Ecological Recovery: Paul Jepson/Cain Blythe

Rewilding: David Woodfall

Rewilding: Peter Taylor

Rewilding European Landscapes: eds Henrique Pereira and Laetitia Navarro

What Nature Does For Britain: Tony Juniper

Who Owns England?: Guy Shrubsole

The Old Ways: Robert MacFarlane

The Lost Words: Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris

The Moth Snowstorm: Michael McCarthy

The Killing of the Countryside: Graham Harvey

Wild Hares and Hummingbirds: Stephen Moss

Wild Kingdom: Stephen Moss

Our Place: Mark Cocker

The Illustrated History of the Countryside: Oliver Rackham

Woodlands: Oliver Rackham

The Hidden Life of Trees: Peter Wohlleben

Wildlife Gardening: Kate Bradbury

The Bumblebee Flies Anyway: Kate Bradbury

The Uninhabitable Earth: David Wallace-Wells

Green and Prosperous Land: Dieter Helm

Inglorious: Mark Avery

Meadows: George Peterken

H is for Hawk: Helen Macdonald

The Garden Jungle: Dave Goulson

A Natural History of the Hedgerow: John Wright 

Drawdown: Paul Hawken

In Pursuit of Butterflies: Matthew Oates

The Wood for the Trees: Richard Fortey

Fingers in the Sparkle Jar: Chris Packham

Dancing with Bees: Brigit Strawbridge-Howard

The Wild Remedy: Emma Mitchell

Diary of a Young Naturalist: Dara McAnulty

Losing Eden: Lucy Jones

Findings: Kathleen Jamie

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