Heal at Christmas

Brilliant Christmas bundles for the nature lovers on your gift list

Buy them a Heal Christmas bundle and they’ll become the sponsor of a real piece of English countryside — a 3m x 3m square of land which Heal will buy as part of its foundation site — plus the first three, six or nine years of upkeep.

They can even visit the Heal site one day to experience the magic of a place being given back to nature forever.  Heal is on course to buy its first rewilding site (by 2022 or sooner) in the south of England. Find out more about Heal 3x3


To sponsor squares for family and friends for Christmas, including gift certificates and full details, please click below. 

Bundle 1 - £30

Sponsor a square + three years' upkeep

Bundle 3 - £50

Sponsor a square + nine years' upkeep

Common frogs - Danny Green.jpg

Bundle 2 - £40

Sponsor a square + six years' upkeep

Gift Certificates

Take a look here

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