The Voice of Heal Future

We have created three youth leadership roles which together are the Voice of Heal Future. The roles are centred around the three pillars of Heal: rewilding, climate and wellbeing.

As leaders in the Heal Future network, the Voice of Heal Future team will use their talent for communication and advocacy to engage the general public with Heal, particularly young people (under 30). They will raise awareness about the charity’s work to create new rewilding sites across the English lowlands. 

  • Holly Gillibrand, 15, is an environmentalist, activist and writer from Scotland. In addition to her role as Heal’s Rewilding Voice, Holly is also a Youth Ambassador for Scotland: The Big Picture. Holly has built a following of over 19,000 Twitter followers. She has also taken part in multiple school strikes to demand more action on climate change.

    Twitter: @HollyWildChild

  • Bella Lack, 17, is a conservationist, campaigner and story-teller from London. She gave her first campaigning talk at a school assembly and from there she became active on social media and now has 148,000 followers. In addition to her role as Heal’s Climate Voice, Bella is also an ambassador for the Born Free Foundation, Save the Asian Elephants, the RSPCA and the Jane Goodall Foundation.

    Twitter: @BellaLack

    Instagram: @Bella Lack


  • Mark Crisp, 25, is a passionate conservationist and naturalist from Kent. Through social media, he explores and documents the connection we all have with the natural world and how essential it is for improving our physical and mental wellbeing. In addition to his role as Heal’s Wellbeing Voice, Mark also has experience working for organisations such as The National Trust, The Wildlife Trusts, and the RSPB.

    Instagram: @marknthat

    Twitter: @marknthat

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