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 Heal's first birthday 

 was the 30 March 2021 

What an incredible year!

We celebrated our first birthday with the launch of the Heal Appeal, a celebratory video and a special series of guest articles.  

We also took a look back at our year one achievements.

The Heal Appeal

To kickstart our second year, we launched the Heal Appeal on Crowdfunder to raise £180,000 towards helping us identify, secure and pay for our first site.

Please give what you can today: early support helps bring in more donations.

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 A week of celebratory blogs 

We invited six guests to reflect on six themes around nature and nature recovery: Urgency, Joy, Discovery, Excitement, Love and Hope. We're publishing one each day from Tuesday 30 March.

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Gillian Burke



Arjun Dutta



Isabella Tree



Lucy Lapwing



Indy Greene



Megan McCubbin

 Our first year: a short film 


Our first year

It was a whirlwind year and, by any measure, we made better progress than we could have hoped.


That’s good news because it’s an emergency – biodiversity and climate intertwined – and this is about taking action, now.

 It's all because of you 

We had almost two thousand donations in our first year - how amazing! Thank you if you were one of those people. 

If you are a Friend of Heal or are donating to us regularly, your help gives us the solid grounding we need for our work. Please continue your support. 

If you have donated once, please consider supporting us in our second year. You can donate using the links below.

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 Donate regularly 

Become a long-term supporter of rewilding

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 Donate once 

Every pound gets us closer to our first rewilding site