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Heal 3x3, our amazing fundraising idea

Rewilding + tech = Heal 3x3

Heal 3x3 is our idea for amazing fundraising and it's based on what3words. 


We absolutely love what3words. This genius British invention assigns a unique what3words address (written like this - ///ground.ripe.closed) to every 3m x 3m square on earth.  How cool is that.

Then we had a lightbulb moment - we could link rewilding + people donating small amounts of money + the what3words addressing system. 

That's Heal 3x3 and here's how it works:

1. You give us £20.

2. With that, we can rewild a 3m x 3m square of land and tell you exactly where it is.

But not straight away. 

Your square will be one part of a larger project area.

So tell your friends to fund one too.

Ask for more squares as birthday presents or Christmas presents.

Be patient. It will take a while.

Then we reach our first project funding target. Hooray!


3. We buy the land.

4. We work out every what3words address and randomly allocate them to everyone who has donated £20. We'll tell you the address of 'your' square.* So long as you continue to pay a small annual 'upkeep' amount, it will remain 'yours'.*

5. You will then know exactly where 'your' Heal 3x3 square is by searching for its three words, including the dots, in the free what3words app or at what3words.com

Then you could visit the Heal rewilding site you've helped to create.

And what's really, really clever about what3words is that we will be able to program a drone to photograph your square (for an additional donation) and send you that image so you can watch the land as it rewilds.

* Important note: donors won't ever own the land or the what3words address, or have any rights over the land or responsibilities for it. The terms and conditions for Heal 3x3 are hereThere will be annual costs for looking after the land and we will link this to the Heal 3x3 scheme. Providing you continue to pay a small annual 'upkeep' amount (the planned amount will be around £3 per square per year following the what3words address allocation process), your name will continue to be associated with that square or squares and the associated three-word address(es). If you become a Friend of Heal, the upkeep amount will be covered. Otherwise, we'll request this payment in 5-year, 10-year or 20-year chunks to reduce our admin costs.

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