I'm thinking about sponsoring a Heal 3x3 square - how will the money be used?

The money from sponsorship of Heal 3x3 squares is immediately locked into Heal's land fund. In charity terms, this is called 'restricted' funding. Heal will use the Heal 3x3 sponsorship money for one thing: to buy land for rewilding.

I'm considering donating - how will my money be used?

We rely on regularly monthly donations and one-off donations to fund our day to day activities. In charity terms, both of these donation types are 'unrestricted', meaning Heal can use the money to fund a wide variety of things. These donations fund our essential running costs such as salaries, software and technology.


We spend as little as possible on our core charity operations. We have no office and a very small team. We're very lucky to have a team of advisors that regularly provide pro-bono guidance and support, plus our volunteers support us for free with a huge variety of things.


What sort of land is Heal looking for?

What progress has Heal made towards finding its foundation site?


How will Heal's rewilding sites support food production?

  • As our sites rewild, the availability of nectar for pollinators on the land will increase

  • As rewilding helps our soils recover, our land will hold greater volumes of rainfall, reducing surface runoff and downstream flood risks for farmers

  • Because we won't use fertilisers, pesticides or other substances on our land, water flowing off our sites and onwards to surrounding land will be clean

  • Heal will actively pursue opportunities to join local landowner clusters with nearby farmers. As part of this, we hope to contribute to help local landowners secure landscape-scale funding to support nature-friendly agriculture and food production activities

  • We are currently investigating options for the creation of an on-site forest garden as a demonstrator and for the local community (depending on the suitability of the site and funding)

  • We are also looking into the creation of no-dig allotments as a demonstrator, for our own site’s use and for the local community (depending on the suitability of the site and funding)