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Rewilding is a journey, and nature's recovery is our destination.


The road to a brighter future is paved with enchanting discoveries, new friends and wild memories.


Heal Storytellers is our collective of talented writers helping to share the moments of hope, creativity and achievement experienced along our journey to nature's recovery.

Tolga Aktas

Tolga, 27, is a conservation biologist, writer and environmental photojournalist originally from London. His writing has been published on BBC Wildlife, PBS Nature and many others. Tolga is also an ambassador for The European Nature Trust and ELAFI.

"Before knowing about rewilding, I did often wonder why there were so many ecologically depleted areas across the UK. With the help of Isabella Tree's 'Wilding' book and the amazing work carried out by The European Nature Trust and Alladale Wilderness Reserve, I now understand how important rewilding is for the biodiversity of our nation. I am so stoked that Heal is contributing towards this journey too and I look forward to seeing all the wonders they achieve through their rewilding journey!"

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